Is it buying clothes from Everbuying legit/safe?

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I have about 50 shopping in this store. There is no reason for complaint, I have only positive experiences. Once parcel is lost, but I got re-shipment of goods. There was also a delay in dispatch, but customer service helped me. By the way, customer service always respond within 24 hours, always friendly and competent.
Finally, I recommend this store.

answered Feb 4 by jasion

I've bought a few things from the Everbuying website in the past. They are very cheap, mainly cos they're based in China. Never had a problem... till now. I ordered a 10.1" Android tablet. Was a bit slow to arrive, but that's expected to Australia. When I got it, I opened it up and found a poorly packed tablet, with dried food (or bodily fluid?) stuck on the screen, along with heaps of fine scratches, probably something abrasive like a paper towel to clean the screen. covered in finger prints (dirty and greasy), with all the accessories just th rown in the box (cables undone and tangled up). Had to take several photos to show them the issues, and eventually they offered to send out, free of charge, a protective case, a 6% off code, OR a $4USD discount off my next purchase. That is obscene. I replied telling them I want to send this dirty/damaged one back for NEW replacement, or a full refund so I can buy a tablet from another company who won't insult me with such a ridiculous offer. I'm not accepting a second hand product when I paid for a new one! Wait and see!!

answered Feb 4 by wraith