Can I trust dress head? (


There's a bag on there I really want but i don't know if I can trust this site. Has anyone ordered from them.

asked Feb 18 in Clothing Shops by HansMulder

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I would not recommend this site to anyone. It took 2 weeks to get my order shipped. When it arrived it was supposed to be plus size and it fit my daughter who wears a 0 I have contacted them in regards to a refund. But they will not respond to my emails and if they do. They ask how they can help me, really? This site is a scam and I will never oder from here again.
answered Feb 18 by Lteal
I am sorry this happened to you, however, I am grateful for your review of this company to help others from making the same mistake. I was about to order and something said look for feedback. Again I thank you.
This site has allowed me not to even move forward with ordering a D*** thing from them. Glad I trust my instinct to check for reviews. Thanks to all because I wonder why the items were so cheap; which I've order items from China before but from another site: Ali Express. And majority all China items takes a while to get to the US.
Once again, I'm thankful I didn't order from this site for $45 worth of items. How sad of a company to take from innocent people...Smh
Me too until I saw this thank you!
Thank You, I was about to order today, but have without a doubt changed my mind.  I knew it was too good to be true.
Thanks for the information that I just read about dress head. I was about to place an order for a few jumpsuits. But then I decided to check for feedback from former costumers and thank goodness I did.

Any positive review is not from a real customer! This place is a scam!!! I ordered 11/16/16 and still have nothing. Im so angry!! The response are generic and unproffesional. I disputed the charge on my card!! SCAM!!!!

answered Feb 18 by anonymous
Worst scam ever got 3 dresses in XL and they're a size 3 at best no way to return a total scam
So disappointed!! Ordered 4 dresses that was smaller in size.  No return info or phone numbers​ to contact.  Cute dresses ... need to order larger sizes to fit
So glad I read the reviews on this site I was getting ready to purchase $75 with the clothes but no way I'll look at that but these things are like they say too good to be true so you know it's got to be false. I hate scammers
Thank You.  I will look into wish
Wish isnt that much better.  Reviews on there report the same problems.