Can I trust dress head? (


There's a bag on there I really want but i don't know if I can trust this site. Has anyone ordered from them.

asked Feb 18 in Clothing Shops by HansMulder

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I would not recommend this site to anyone. It took 2 weeks to get my order shipped. When it arrived it was supposed to be plus size and it fit my daughter who wears a 0 I have contacted them in regards to a refund. But they will not respond to my emails and if they do. They ask how they can help me, really? This site is a scam and I will never oder from here again.
answered Feb 18 by Lteal
This site has allowed me not to even move forward with ordering a D*** thing from them. Glad I trust my instinct to check for reviews. Thanks to all because I wonder why the items were so cheap; which I've order items from China before but from another site: Ali Express. And majority all China items takes a while to get to the US.
Once again, I'm thankful I didn't order from this site for $45 worth of items. How sad of a company to take from innocent people...Smh
Me too until I saw this thank you!
Thank You, I was about to order today, but have without a doubt changed my mind.  I knew it was too good to be true.
Thanks for the information that I just read about dress head. I was about to place an order for a few jumpsuits. But then I decided to check for feedback from former costumers and thank goodness I did.
I purchased my order ob 10/15/2017 and i have not received yet... the support is terrible they just keep saying that usps delivered the package to my house and is not their responsability

Any positive review is not from a real customer! This place is a scam!!! I ordered 11/16/16 and still have nothing. Im so angry!! The response are generic and unproffesional. I disputed the charge on my card!! SCAM!!!!

answered Feb 18 by anonymous
So disappointed!! Ordered 4 dresses that was smaller in size.  No return info or phone numbers​ to contact.  Cute dresses ... need to order larger sizes to fit
So glad I read the reviews on this site I was getting ready to purchase $75 with the clothes but no way I'll look at that but these things are like they say too good to be true so you know it's got to be false. I hate scammers
Thank You.  I will look into wish
Wish isnt that much better.  Reviews on there report the same problems.
Wow I was worried and decided to look them up because the designs look like they are too familiar and stolen. Good thing I looked it up..