Where can I check tracking number for everbuying?

asked Feb 18, 2017 in General Merchandise by Jill T

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I'm having a kind of GB experience with them. :(

Over time ordered a few things from them, but now having hard time. One of my orders gone missing and other one was shipped lattteeeeee!!! and delivered in the opened package with broken seal.

For the missing one they told me to wait for 2 months before they can investigate on it. Yet, according to the tracking no. there is no status update on the parcel sine mid April.
What made me really upset:
- Support website implies you should contact them after 25 days.
- Canned response telling me to come back when 2mths deadline is reached.
- When challenged, they seem to DELETE my ticket with them!!!

As for the other one:
- Item shipped after 3 weeks, despite promised 'Ships within 4-10 business days'.
- The delivered item is restocked(or used): broken package seal and torn bags with accessories.
- The same here; when challenged, they seem to DELETE my ticket with them!!!

Now I'm enjoying playing 'ping pong' with them as their customer service is useless. :(

It was nice when it lasted, but now its time to add them to the GB bucket.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by kelsonLee
Sorry to hear your experience mate.

I've just hit 4 weeks from shipping date on the first part of the order, which had a 7-10 day shipping time and is marked as delivered in China. Have given them the tracking. Told them that I want it resolved through refund or re-post, or I'll just get onto PayPal to request a refund - at this point they are just being obstructive. If they can't trust their couriers/postal service then they should not use them, and use one that they can. It's pretty simple. Yes, it would maybe increase cost by a couple of dollars, but losing business because of dodgy practice will cost them a whole lot more. If they are just being dodgy and not shipping, then that's no different to theft…
You're not alone.

I ordered 4 Old Shark lightning cables that were MFI certified. For non-Apple users, this means you pay 5x the regular cost to get reliable, robust cables.
It took almost 2 months to ship the cables. That's a record slow time for me. This is by far the slowest delivery i've ever had.

The four cables eventually arrived and were neatly packed, each in a plastic bag and cable tied. I tried them for the first time today and two of the cables do not work. I tried each cable in the same USB port on my desktop PC. I tried each cable once. Then I tried each cable again to confirm that it wasn't pot luck. Lightning cables can be plugged in either way and neither way worked on the faulty cables.

I've contacted everbuying asking for either replacement cables or a refund. I hope to hear back from them by the end of this week. I'm opening a PayPal dispute, just in case.
answered Feb 18, 2017 by DeWalt